President Tsai plans to give visa waiver to six Pacific allies

            <section class="mod_article-slide">                   <div class="swiper-container detail-jade">                     <div class="swiper-wrapper">                      <div class="swiper-slide"><img src="" title="(Courtesy of Office of the President)" class="img-responsive" alt="President Tsai plans to give visa waiver to six Pacific allies">                        <div class="caption">                                                                                                                                   (Courtesy of Office of the President) </p>                        </div>                      </div>                    </div>                  </div>                 </section><span><p>TAIPEI (Taiwan News) &ndash; President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) announced that Taiwan will offer visa waivers to six countries in the Pacific during her official visit to Taiwan&#39;s diplomatic allies.</p>  <p>On Tuesday (Oct. 31), in a meeting with the Legislature of the Marshall Islands, Tsai said Taiwan will soon give visa waivers to six countries, including the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, the Solomon Islands, Palau, and Tuvalu. She believed the decision will further tighten the diplomatic relations between Taiwan and these countries, <a href="">reported by CNA</a>.</p>  <p>During her visit to the Marshall Islands, Tsai has signed&nbsp;various agreements&nbsp;that will enhance Taiwan&#39;s exchanges with the Marshall Islands in several areas such as education, agriculture, and climate change.&nbsp;</p>  <p>On Monday (Oct. 30), a Taiwan-Marshall Islands presidential scholarship program was officially launched to develop and exchange talents from both countries. In addition, Tsai promised to support the Marshall Islands to fight against climate change, build more green farms, and&nbsp;promote food security and healthy diets, <a href="">reported CNA</a>.</p>  <p>After the Marshall Islands, Tsai will visit Tuvalu, the Solomon Islands and her last stop will be in U.S. territory of Guam on Nov.3, before returning to Taiwan the next day.&nbsp;</p> </span>               <p><a href="">新聞來源</a></p>