2018 Year of Bay Tourism campaign launched in Taipei

2018 Year of Bay Tourism campaign launched in Taipei

Image of Matsu's Beigan Airport (Image by flickr user linchingyao)

TAIPEI (Taiwan Today) — The 2018 Year of Bay Tourism campaign promoting Taiwan’s top 10 islands was launched Jan. 24 in Taipei City by the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
The initiative, which comprises more than 40 culture- and lifestyle-themed activities scheduled over the four seasons, centers on Guishan Island off Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan; Green and Orchid islands off Taitung County in southeastern Taiwan; Xiaoliuqiu Island off Pingtung County in southern Taiwan; Jibei, Qimei and Xiyu islands of outlying Penghu County; Lieyu Island of outlying Kinmen County; and Matsu’s Beigan and Dongju islands in outlying Lienchiang County.
Bureau Director-general Chou Yung-hui said although Taiwan is small in land mass, it is blessed with an abundance of tourism assets. These include over 1,500 kilometers of stunning coastline, more than 10 percent of the world’s marine species and one of Asia’s most distinctive cultural landscapes.
The campaign will raise the international profile of the islands and heighten public awareness of the need for sustainable development, enhancement and protection of marine environments, he added.
According to the bureau, Taiwan will also host a raft of major fairs and events this year in an effort to further strengthen the country’s tourism brand and stimulate economic activity and development in related industries.
These include the annual meeting of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club scheduled for October in Penghu; Asian Bird Fair set for November in Chiayi County, southern Taiwan; Taichung World Flora Exposition running from November to April 2019 in central Taiwan; and in-depth consultations between local tourism officials and those from Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. 

2018 Year of Bay Tourism campaign launched in Taipei
Sleeping Beauty Cliff at Green Island (Image from flickr user Artemas Liu)

2018 Year of Bay Tourism campaign launched in Taipei
Matsu's Beigan Island (Image from flickr user ecojohn Jiang)