Taiwan's Executive Yuan to establish ministerial level 'Southbound Policy Task Force'

Taiwan's Executive Yuan to establish ministerial level 'Southbound Policy Task Force'

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A representative of the Executive Yuan, John Deng (鄧振中) announced the approval of the formation of a new ministerial level “Southbound Policy Task Force” (新南向工作小組), it was reported on Sunday, Jan. 28.

The Task Force recently approved by Premier Lai (賴), will consist of ministerial level representatives including;

Dep. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wu Chi-chung (吳志中),
Dep. Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua (王美花),
Dep. Minister of Education Yao Leeh-ter (姚立德),
Chairman of the Exec. Yuan Public construction Commission Yan Jeou-rong (顏久榮),
Dep. Minister of Health and Welfare Ho Chi-Kung (何啟功),
Chairman of the Council of Agriculture Chen Chi-Chung (陳吉仲),
Chairman of the National Development Council Chiou Jiunn-rong (邱俊榮),
Head of the Overseas Community Affairs Leu Yuen-rong (呂元榮),
Dep. Minister of Transportation and Communications Chi Wen-jong (祁文中),
and Premier Lai who will serve as the group’s convener and secretary-general.

The group is expected to hold monthly meetings that will be organized by an official from the Bureau of Foreign Trade.

CNA reports that proposals for such a group were introduced in December 2017, after President Tsai called for a task-force to better coordinate plans for government initiatives related to the New Southbound Policy, however the original Southbound Policy Office that was proposed never materialized.

The new task force will take up the responsibilities envisioned in the December proposals.

The group will be tasked with analyzing and streamlining cross-ministerial efforts to establish the most effective working relationships possible with Taiwan’s Southeast Asian neighbors.

There will also reportedly be another group formed to develop strategic policy related to the Southbound Policy (新南向政策專案小組) that will work closely and consult with the newly formed working group.