Google Pixel smartphones coming to Taiwan soon

Google Pixel smartphones coming to Taiwan soon

Google Pixel 2 (left), Google Pixel 2 XL (right). (By Associated Press)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Google Pixel smartphones are coming to Taiwan in a few months, the company's Senior Vice President of Hardware Rick Osterloh told CNA yesterday (Jan. 31).

The announcement came just one day after a US$1.1 billion dollar deal between Google and HTC was officially finalized. As to whether this will mean Google's Android flagship phone, the Pixel, will soon go on sale in Taiwan, Osterloh confirmed that the device will soon enter the market. 

However, Osterloh said to CNA that as relevant verifications and audits are still ongoing, the exact timing of the product's release in Taiwan is still undergoing planning and he estimates that it will probably take a few months.

Google Pixel smartphones coming to Taiwan soon
Rick Osterloh holding up a Google Pixel phone. (CNA image)

Osterloh said he hopes that both existing and future models of the Pixel will soon go on sale in Taiwan, but that when Google selects a new market, it takes many factors into consideration, including language and localization. 

Google launched the second generation of the Pixel phone, the Pixel 2 and its larger version the Pixel 2 XL, last year. HTC and LG are the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for the Pixel phones, which are only sold in select countries, of which Taiwan is not currently included. 

Google has now successfully purchased the majority of HTC smartphone design division, with an estimated 2,000 engineers being transferred from HTC to employment under Google’s hardware division. 

According to the Verge, the engineers will remain in Taipei, and Taipei has now become Google’s largest engineering hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

Google Pixel smartphones coming to Taiwan soon
Google Pixel 2 XL phone at a Google event at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco. (AP photo)