Taiwan’s Lala Mountain sees snow and road closure

            <section>                   <div>                     <div>                      <div><img src="http://will-news.idv.tw/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Taiwanrsquos-Lala-Mountain-sees-snow-and-road-closure.jpg" title="Snow started falling on Mount Lala Saturday afternoon. " alt="Taiwan&amp;rsquo;s Lala Mountain sees snow and road closure">                        <div>                                                                                                                                   Snow started falling on Mount Lala Saturday afternoon. (By Central News Agency)</p>                        </div>                      </div>                    </div>                  </div>                 </section><span><p>TAIPEI (Taiwan News) &ndash; As snow was falling on the Lala Mountain (拉拉山) in Taoyuan City Saturday afternoon, the authorities announced that roads up the mountain would be closed from 7 p.m.</p>  <p>Taiwan was falling under the grip of a rare wave of cold air this weekend, with snowfall reported from several of the island&rsquo;s tallest peaks Saturday. The mention of snow in the media triggered an exodus from the cities with motorists trying to reach mountainous areas to get a glimpse of the unusual scenery.</p>  <p>The snow in Taoyuan was concentrated in the &ldquo;Holy Tree area&rdquo; (神木區) of Fuxing District near the 2,030-meter-tall Lala Mountain, according to local park authorities. During the afternoon, only cars equipped with snow chains would be allowed to reach the local parking lot, the Central News Agency reported.</p>  <p>Due to the snowfall and the expected further plunge in temperatures overnight, the stretch of the Northern Cross-Country Highway, also known as the No.7 road, between Xiabaling (下巴陵) and Xicun (西村) would be preventively shut off from 7 p.m. Saturday until 7 a.m. Sunday, according to CNA.</p>  <p>Areas where the road surface was frozen might also impose overnight traffic bans, while during the day, only vehicles with snow chains on their tires might be allowed to travel there, the authorities said, advising motorists not to drive up the mountains during the night.</p> </span>               <p><a href="https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3354276">新聞來源</a></p>